Easy Potty Training Tip

When you have a new puppy, potty training is definitely one of the most hard to handle part of the puppy’s early life. It is frustrating for the owner to have to punish the puppy AND clean up the mess the puppy left for them! Crate training is an effective way to potty train your puppy; but is there something that is more practical?

I like to call this Bell Training. A potty training method that will ALERT you when your puppy needs to go outside! This can be started at any time in the puppy’s life and is easily learned!
Find a bell that the dog can reach; whether with their paw or their nose. Whenever you take them out to go outside, ring the bell and then open the door. The puppy will learn that the sound of the bell means the door will open. To begin with, you will need to let your puppy outside EVERY TIME they ring the bell. This will teach them that the method really works to avoid negative reinforcement.
Eventually, your puppy will be ringing the bell whenever it needs to go out, knowing that they will be let out to use the bathroom.

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Jasmine Curry

I’m an early high school graduate & currently attending college courses on Dog Training and Veterinarian Practices. I have 2 years of pet sitting and house sitting experience, as well as daily check ins. My main code of conduct is care. Care is important for handling pets and I’ve personally seen how some dogs are treated during boarding. I would love the ability to meet your pets, take care of them, and have fun with them!! I will always go the extra mile for your pets and their care.