How to Stop a Dog From Barking

All dogs bark at things. There’s no question about it! Dogs may bark at neighbors, cars passing down the road, or they even may bark at you when you walk through the door! Sometimes it can be infuriating when your dogs just don’t stop barking! There are some simple solutions to this!

If your dog is still a puppy, start with teaching the “Speak” command; prompting them to bark. Once they’ve learned speak, you can begin teaching the “Quiet” command which will teach your puppy to stop barking on que.

When your dog barks excessively, your first instinct may be to yell at them to shut up!! However, dogs can sense your energy. Try to respond in a calm but stern voice to get them to calm down!

Don’t give your dog encouragement when they bark!! Sometimes, as humans, we accidentally encourage behavior like barking by yelling at them or getting worked up because of how annoying their barking can be. When you teach a dog the “Speak” command or even allow barking to go on, pay attention to what they are barking at and if it isn’t something you want them to bark at, stop the behavior!

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Jasmine Curry

I’m an early high school graduate & currently attending college courses on Dog Training and Veterinarian Practices. I have 2 years of pet sitting and house sitting experience, as well as daily check ins. My main code of conduct is care. Care is important for handling pets and I’ve personally seen how some dogs are treated during boarding. I would love the ability to meet your pets, take care of them, and have fun with them!! I will always go the extra mile for your pets and their care.