Why is my dog aggressive?

By Jasmine Curry | January 27, 2021

If there is one thing that can be very scary, its to realize your dog is aggressive. It is important to understand a dog’s body language and signs of aggression before things get out of hand. Aggression is hostile, injurious, or destructive behavior toward an individual, human or animal. First, one needs to understand the…

How to Stop a Dog From Barking

By Jasmine Curry | January 5, 2021

All dogs bark at things. There’s no question about it! Dogs may bark at neighbors, cars passing down the road, or they even may bark at you when you walk through the door! Sometimes it can be infuriating when your dogs just don’t stop barking! There are some simple solutions to this! If your dog…

Easy Potty Training Tip

By Jasmine Curry | December 22, 2020

When you have a new puppy, potty training is definitely one of the most hard to handle part of the puppy’s early life. It is frustrating for the owner to have to punish the puppy AND clean up the mess the puppy left for them! Crate training is an effective way to potty train your…

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Easy Way To Calm Your Dog: Petting!

By Jasmine Curry | December 9, 2020

If your dog is stressed or anxious, there is an easy way to calm them down: just pet them! By petting your dog from their head all the way down their body, with slow regular strokes, it will help calm them down.